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Big Stone


If you are interested in becoming the Big Stone county representative on the SMAC board, please visit our webpage on becoming a SMAC board member. Term expires 12/2026.


M E (Maggie) Fuller
Term expires 12/2025

M E (Maggie) Fuller resides in Montevideo and is the author of 2 works of fiction, a writing coach, visual artist, public speaker and community organizer. Maggie worked as a graphic designer and art director in Minneapolis for over 30 years until she moved to Montevideo, where she now works on her art in her home studio. In 2021 Maggie was the recipient of a SMAC Individual Artist grant and turned her artistic practice to abstract expressionism. She has also been a Minnesota State Arts Board and Five Wings Arts Council grantee for her writing practice. Since moving to Montevideo, Maggie has been active in local arts and as a SMAC board representative for Chippewa county, she has already started to support and encourage Chippewa artists by creating a Facebook page specifically for Chippewa County Artists! If you’re an artist in Chippewa County, Maggie would love to connect and start discussions on what’s needed to enhance the arts community in Chippewa County. Contact her at or 218-839-4215.


Anna Johannsen
Term expires 12/2024

Anna is a fiber artist who invented the concept of using 3D glasses and certain colors of fabrics to create 3D quilts and wall hangings. Her work has been featured in many exhibits, including four solo shows. Anna has been a teacher for 42 years and started the art program at the Alternative Learning Center in Windom. Anna says becoming a SMAC board member will be an exciting, new experience where she can expand her horizons, meet new people, help people, and gain new perspectives. She has had experience applying for, and receiving, a SMAC grant to take her ALC students on a field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, after which they held a community art show. She says, “I remember the excitement of it all and want to help others as I was, to give my students new experiences and culture.”



If you are interested in becoming the Jackson county representative on the SMAC board, please visit our webpage on becoming a SMAC board member. Term expires 12/2024.

Headshot of Ana Serrano


Ana Serrano
Term Expires 12/2025

Ana Serrano of Willmar received a SMAC Artist Equity grant in 2022 and was featured as a SMAC gallery artist. Ana describes herself as a Mexican American artist who works mainly in oil paints and ballpoint pen. Her artwork is characterized by its vibrant color palette, bold and striking patterns, and its formal expression of culture and identity. Her artwork is a colorful reflection of her unique culture and identity, and it makes a powerful and bold statement about the beauty of Mexican American cultural identity. When asked why she was interested in being a representative on the SMAC board, she said she wanted to meet and connect with different artists and like-minded people in the area and to bring a cultural representative to the board, as well as understand the process of arts funding more fully. We're so excited to have you Ana and we look forward to working more with you

Lac qui Parle

Kristine Shelstad
Term Expires 12/2025

Kristine Shelstad is the “Energizing Officer” of the Madison Mercantile; a community center that will include an art gallery, artists studios, performance stage and entrepreneurial spaces. Kristine is an Initiator Fellow for the Southwest Initiative Foundation, and has previously served as a board member of the Spicewood Arts Society in TX, as well as served in Rotary Clubs and Veteran Service Organizations. She is currently the Junior Vice Commander of the VFW Post 1656 in Madison and is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. Kristine is also a member of the Madison Arts Council, which promotes public art in Madison, and is involved with the local theatre group, the Lac qui Parle Players. Kristine attended the University of Minnesota, Morris, with a minor in Studio Art. She is interested in serving on the SMAC board because she wants to bring arts opportunities to underserved populations in her county.


Mark Wilmes
Term expires 12/2024

Mark has served 23 years on the Lake Benton Opera House Board of Directors and is currently the president of their board as well as the Artistic Director for the Opera House. He has also worked as a newspaper editor since 1997 in Lincoln county and is currently managing editor for the Tyler, Lake Benton and Hendricks newspapers. Wilmes has been honored multiple times by the Minnesota Newspaper Association in the areas of ad creation, photography and as a columnist. When asked why he was interested in serving on the SMAC board of directors he said, “I am a strong believer in SMAC’s mission and would like to ensure Lincoln County is represented. SMAC has been a great benefit to our organization over the years and I would like to give back in a small way by helping other small groups benefit in the same way.”


Dr. Erin Kline
Term expires 12/2025

Dr. Erin Kline of Marshall holds a doctorate in Sociology with a specialization in race, class and gender intersections. She works at Southwest Minnesota State University as the associate director for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Mustang Pathway program, as well as adjuncts in sociology. When asked why she was interested in serving on the SMAC board, she said, “I benefited so much from my participation in the arts that I would love to be able to continue to support the arts in a more direct way, and I believe this is possible from a position on the SMAC board. In addition, I strongly believe that valuing the arts begins at a young age. My children all demonstrate different talents and interests in the arts, and I want to help to insure and promote art on a wider scale because without art we begin to lose our ability to identify our shared humanity. This is crucial if we ever hope to attain a more peaceful world.”



If you are interested in becoming the McLeod county representative on the SMAC board, please visit our webpage on becoming a SMAC board member. Term expires 12/2026.


Darlene Kotelnicki
Term expires 12/2025

Darlene Kotelnicki has served as board chair and secretary for numerous boards, including the Greater Litchfield Opera House, the Litchfield Public Library, Litchfield Public Schools, Litchfield Community Theatre and more! When asked why she was interested in serving on the SMAC board she said, “I feel we need to promote the arts in Litchfield and Meeker County. I am willing to work to do this. There is much that can be done in our county.”

Color headshot of Tiffany Holmes


Tiffany Holmes
Term expires 12/2026

Tiffany Holmes is a classically trained concert violinist. Having started violin at the age of three, Tiffany studied with some of the best violinists in the business, such as Adam Han-Gorski---himself a student of the legendary Jascha Heifetz.
Having grown up in a musical household, Tiffany not only plays classical violin but all types of fiddle (such as Scottish, Celtic, Bluegrass and, Scandinavian) as well as Klezmer. That musical household and family also gave her a love of other genres of music such as opera (her mother's brother is an opera singer who helped open both Lincoln and Kennedy Centers with an opera written specifically for him) and musicals.
Also, her mother has a degree in music theory and composition as well as piano and pipe organ performance. (The mention of organ brings up a fact that is very concerning. Pipe organs are being destroyed and there are no trained organists left in the area. Also, another musical tradition that is sadly falling by the wayside is the A Cappella choir.)
It was her mother's knowledge and experience that allowed Tiffany to excel at violin, giving her first professional debut at the age of 6 and going on from there.
As well as violin, Tiffany has a background in ballet, having studied at the Andahazy School of Classical Ballet (from the age of 6 she was a regular at concerts of the Kirov Ballet), an art form for which she still retains a knowledge and respect.
Also, she is a great admirer of the works of Shakespeare and classic theatre, in general. Specifically, the acting of Olivier, Leigh, Gielgud, etc and has insight from friends in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art community.
She believes it's not necessary to throw out the old for the new. Our brains can retain and learn from all of it.
Ultimately, Tiffany sees a definite decline in arts in Southwest Minnesota and finds that very disheartening. She hopes to try to bring an awareness to that in her county and is optimistic that, with the help of her colleagues at the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council, some good can be done.

Color photo of Cheryl at a meeting


Cheryl Avenel-Navara
Term expires 12/2023

Avenel-Navara is a retired educator from Higher Education and currently substitutes in Middle and High School classes in all disciplines. She said she is not an artist herself, but is a strong advocate for arts and artists of all disciplines and a dedicated consumer of art. She is the current chair of the Worthington Public Arts Commission and has served as a grant writer and committee member for the Worthington International Festival Committee, as well as been a grant review panelist for SMAC on many occasions. When asked why she was interested in serving on the SMAC board she replied that she had spoken to the past board representative for Nobles county about the responsibilities of being a board member and thought she could “bring a consumer’s perspective” to the board and that she’s interested in promoting the arts in Worthington and Nobles county and “making art available to all of our communities”.


Erica Volkir
Term Expires 12/2024

Erica is the Executive Director for the Pipestone Area Chamber of Commerce. She has a liberal arts education as well as a law degree and is a board member for many organizations in the Pipestone and surrounding area. When asked why she was interested in representing Pipestone county for the SMAC board, Erica replied, “I would like to help enhance the quality of life in southwest Minnesota to include exposure to and experiences with a wide variety of arts for all ages. One’s exposure to quality artistic performances, exhibits, and events should not be dependent upon either geography or income.” She also added that she has a great interest in public art and the arts as “economic development drivers to create beautiful spaces to live, work, and play” and that she is personally greatly inspired by the arts, both through attending and organizing events of all types.

Color headshot of Su Lee


Su Kyung Lee
Term expires 12/2026

Residing in Lamberton with her husband and twins, Su Lee embodies a harmonious blend of family life and artistic dedication. As a seasoned animator with a 12-year career at King Show Games, a boutique video game studio, she has mastered the art of digital storytelling. Su's artistic passion extends beyond the screen; she is an accomplished painter, skilled in various mediums including oil, watercolor, gouache, and pastel. Her commitment to art transcends her personal and professional endeavors, as she actively seeks to nurture and support the local art community. Introduced to the Arts Council by the esteemed former member David Kelsey Bassett, Su is eager to connect with fellow artists and contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Lamberton.



If you are interested in becoming the Renville county representative on the SMAC board, please visit our webpage on becoming a SMAC board member. Term expires 12/2024.


Shawn Kinsinger
Term expires 12/2024

Shawn is the Executive Director for the Palace Theatre in Luverne. He also has experience as the Vice President of Green Earth Players Community Theatre, a board member of Luverne Street Music and Artistic Director for the Luverne High School Theater. Shawn is highly involved both on-stage and back-stage for theater and musical productions in Luverne. Previously Shawn has written, recorded and performed music in a touring band for seven years. When asked why he was interested in serving on the SMAC Board as a representative for Rock County, he said, “I have lived in Luverne most of my life. I have watched my hometown grow and thrive in ways that I never thought it could, and much of that is thanks to the arts. The arts in Luverne are able to thrive thanks in part to SMAC. Helping SMAC continue to support the arts in towns all across southwest Minnesota is a good way to continue that growth.”

black and white headshot of Jessica Mata


Jessica Mata
Term expires 12/2026

Jessica Mata of Kerkhoven is part of the Kerkhoven Arts Council and enjoys painting (watercolor, oil, acrylic, facepainting) and drawing. She also enjoys dancing for fitness! Jessica has a degree in Interior Design and says her design work focuses mainly on color. When asked why she was interested in serving on the SMAC board, she said she is interested in sharing her culture and involving her community in the arts, and that she looks forward to the fusion of her cultural and traditional arts knowledge with community arts involvement in Swift and southwest Minnesota.

Yellow Medicine


If you are interested in becoming the Yellow Medicine county representative on the SMAC board, please visit our webpage on becoming a SMAC board member. Term expires 12/2025.

SMAC Staff

Nicole DeBoer

Executive Director

Nicole describes herself as a doer and a dreamer: an out of practice visual artist who believes everything can be renovated – including people. As the Executive Director of the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council, DeBoer enjoys meeting and helping artists and organizations who produce and support the arts. She has been at the arts council, which serves 18-counties and provides arts funding and services, for over a decade. There isn’t an artform she won’t try – but most of all prefers to see others succeed in sharing their art.

When not promoting the arts in rural MN, she enjoys DIY projects around her 1880s house and working on converting a century granary into a cabin. If she had a tattoo it would either say “If 2 Be/Up 2 Me” or “Stick to the Plan!”

If you are interested in consulting with Nicole on arts access for our region, schedule a meeting by clicking here.

Caroline Koska

Financial & Grants Administrator

Caroline Koska is originally from Marshall and has worked for SW MN Arts Council since 2011, first as Administrative Assistant and for the last several years as Financial/Grants Administrator. She has an arts background in music. With a degree in vocal performance, Caroline loves to sing and also plays piano, flute, and, as a new venture, harp. She has taught piano lessons, done music for church and community theater, and dabbled in acting in community theater productions as well. Caroline’s other hobbies include reading and sewing.

If you are interested in consulting with Caroline on on grant eligibility, using the application system, or reviewing a draft of a grant application, schedule a meeting by clicking here.

Krystl Louwagie

Access & Marketing Coordinator

Krystl Louwagie grew up on a Minnesota farm. She graduated with a Studio Art degree with an emphasis in intaglio printmaking from Hamline University in St. Paul. She now lives in Marshall and works full-time for SMAC. On the side, she finds time to work as a commission artist, professional facepainter, petting zoo assistant, Body Pump gym instructor, and pet sitter.

Her interest in the arts began early through illustrated fairy tale books, super-hero comics, animated cartoons and a healthy appreciation of musicals, theatre and dance.

She’s also enthusiastic about reading, exercising, the outdoors, cooking, and animals (especially cats)! She believes strongly in equity and community-building in rural spaces.

You can follow her artistic journey on Facebook & Instagram or Krystl’s website. She mostly creates ink portraits (people & pets) and short autobiographical comics about her life. If you are interested in consulting with Krystl about marketing, artist promotion, or social media content, schedule a meeting by clicking here.

Color headshot of Jessica Stölen looking off to the side

Jessica Stölen

Communications Assistant

Jessica Stölen helps SMAC with updating our Regional Arts Calendar and Opportunities posts, so look forward to a more robust offering of arts events and opportunities listed on our website. And, if you've got an arts event happening anywhere in our 18-county region, email us the details (even a poster or photo!) at or directly to Jessica,

Jessica Stölen is a newspaper editor, photographer, humor blogger, and travel enthusiast in Southwest Minnesota. Jessica carries degrees in marketing, business management and most recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Digital Photography Arts program at Southern New Hampshire University. She resides in Yellow Medicine County.


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