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Join COMPAS Teaching Artist Desdamona to reflect and write your own poetry!
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Minnesotans have been dealing with a lot of hardship in the past few months, but we know that art will continue to heal and connect us. This week, take some time to reflect on the past, present, and future with COMPAS Teaching Artist Desdamona. In our newest Home Studio video, she leads an engaging poetry-writing activity to help us think about where we’ve been and where we might go.
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Bonus Activities
Want more opportunities to bring creativity into your life? Check out these fantastic bonus activities below:
About COMPAS Home Studio
COMPAS Home Studio is a virtual learning portal created to address the exceptional need for remote arts and educational activities during the COVID-19 crisis. New material will be added periodically on our website and Facebook page to help you and your community stay creative during this unprecedented time.
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