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If you are an artist who lives or works in greater Minnesota, the MN State Arts Board (MSAB) needs to hear from you!

This fall, MSAB’s ARTISTS THRIVE survey reached hundreds of artists. The respondents reflect the wide diversity of Minnesota artists’ experiences – people of all ethnicities, abilities, artistic disciplines, and from every corner of the state.

However, there are still some artists who are less well represented than MSAB would like, including artists from our area, so the ARTISTS THRIVE survey is open again until Friday, December 18th.

Would you complete the survey found online at It is long (about 25-30 minutes), but is meant to cover lots of topics.

If you’ve already taken the survey, thank you! Please consider sharing this message to help us reach just a few more artists. Anyone who creates, performs, or practices an art form is welcome to participate, even if they are not a “professional” artist.

MSAB would especially like to hear more from artists of color, artists with disabilities, or people who work with craft, literary, music, or folk and traditional art forms.

The survey is available online, and also in a paper or printable format in English and Spanish. For more information, please contact Renae Youngs, director of research and evaluation, Minnesota State Arts Board at or (651) 215-1607.

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