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creative mnLast spring, Creative Minnesota released its first report on the economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations on the state of Minnesota.   Now they hope do the same for Minnesota artists:

“Artists count! Artists are an important part of a healthy community. Artists contribute to the economy, as well as the vitality, of Minnesota. Artists have significant economic clout. Let’s prove it.

“Creative Minnesota is starting a new economic impact study of individual artists and creative workers. Over 160 nonprofit and foundation partners are working together to make it happen.

“This study will be used to generate public and private support for individual artists, and to advocate for more services for artists. The result will be more attention, respect, and funding for artists and their efforts to make their art and their living in Minnesota.

“The best way we can prove the economic clout of artists is to hear from artists themselves about how they earn their living and how many dollars they are spending in their community. Participation is voluntary, of course, but very important.  The information gathered will be reported in aggregate only. Your individual information will never be shared.”

Make sure that YOU are counted:

  1. Just complete the secure online survey about your income and expenses as an artist at:
  2. Tell all the artists that you know to participate!

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