Traveling Poetry Exhibit seeks exposure at MN public spaces



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The prose poetry collection ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN will tour Minnesota through the winter of 2018-19. This exhibit is an introduction to the unique world of prose poetry through the Everyday Absurdist writings of Dag T. Straumsvåg of Trondheim, Norway.

It is a micro-exhibit of 12 works on standard, letter-size, paper mounted to be hung easily and quickly on wall spaces ranging from 10 to 25 linear feet. There is also an interpretive guide and an outline of accompanying discussions, presentations, or readings. ​

Any Minnesota museum, theater, library, or public space may schedule this exhibit for a 30 to 60 day winter showing at no cost by contacting for further information.​

Contact: Kent Scheer​, Green Island​, Wadena, MN. ​218 631 3084​

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