Touring Artist Seeks Performance Spaces for Walt Whitman Show


Highly acclaimed show, Leaves of Grass-Illuminated, is touring again within Southwest Minnesota. The performing artist Patrick Scully has a goal of performing in every county in MN and is still seeking performance spaces in Rock, Pipestone, Murray and Jackson county.

Performances spaces can be flexible as artist says he has performed this show in backyards, on farms, outdoors, and indoors. I have performed it in libraries, bookstores, restaurants, brew pubs and county historical societies. The show has been presented by arts organizations big and small, schools and colleges, and, of course, theaters (including a run at the Guthrie).  The touring version of this show will be “unplugged”, meaning a one-man showing featuring the artist Patrick Scully, and does not require theatrical lighting or sound support.

Patrick Scully is once again proposing to bring it to greater Minnesota presenters, at virtually no cost to the presenter. If the MSAB grant he applies for is awarded, it will pay 75% of the costs for touring this show. Scully raises 24% to match that, which leaves about $10 for a presenter to pay. 

Scully has successfully applied to MSAB twice for touring this show, and to date has performed in over 50 locations in Minnesota. He says, “As thrilling as it was to be on stage at the Guthrie with this show, I am even more eager to get this show to corners of that state that do not regularly get to have theater like this in their community.”

To learn more, visit:

If interested, please contact Patrick Scully at 612-205-1512 or


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