The Young Writers Conference is now open for registrations until September 28, 2021


Conference for young writers

Do your students like to tell stories? If so, they can come learn how to capture those stories on paper. Presenters at the Conference for Young Writers will teach students different writing styles and techniques to help them create that great story. During their sessions, students will learn how to express their thoughts and get them written down. Writing can open a lifetime of opportunities for students and it is a lifelong skill for them to have.


  • Young Writers Dates: October 27, 2021
    Young Writers Fees:
    $40 per student
    $10 per adult
    Registration Deadline: September 28, 2021
    NO registrations will be accepted after midnight September 28, 2021

This hands-on learning conference is being offered to all students in grades 3-9. Schools and parents can register groups of students or individual student. Share with other teachers and parents. Students will select three session topics of their choice relative to their grade level. They do not have to select in sequence. Check the schedule prior to registering to see the time their favorite sessions are being offered. Students will participate in three hands-on learning sessions throughout the day.

As you may notice there have been a few changes. We have switched Young Writers and Young Artists date (for this year only). There is also a new online registration system, and there are limited openings for students. Also at this time, we will have to mask up at SMSU for the day of the conference.

Click the “visit our website” button below for conference information and session topic options.

For questions contact Andrea at 507-537-2257 or or

Laurie at 507-537-2270 or

SWWC Student Enrichement

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