Tell Leadership in MN to Pass COVID Relief for the Arts!



Last week YOU showed up! Over 200 arts supporters from across the state joined with bi-partisan legislative speakers on the steps of the State Capitol to demand that the Legislature take action on COVID relief for arts and culture organizations today. At Arts Action Week in March, Legislators mentioned they missed hearing from us in-person and said having a rally might help us get movement on the bill. We brought our voices and the legislators heard, now we need ONE LAST FINAL PUSH.

We know the Governor’s Office and Legislative Leaders will be key to our success as we enter the final days of session. We are asking you to join voices with other arts advocates and ask Capitol Leadership to advance COVID relief today!
Participating is easy and your voice could make the difference. Click the button below to sign-up and send a letter. The best part is, we already wrote the letter for you! All you have to do is hit send.

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