SWWC Virtual Young Writers Conference


The Virtual Young Writers Conference is now open for registrations.

Students will discover how creative their imaginations can be. Knowledgeable presenters will teach them writing techniques on how to express their thoughts using written words. They will learn writing is an exciting skill that can open a lifetime of opportunities for them.

Virtual Young Writers Dates: Virtual Videos will be available to registered participants during October 19-23, 2020

Virtual Young Writers Fees: $20 per student / $350 per classroom of 20-30 / no adult fee

Registration Deadline: September 29, 2020

NO registrations will be accepted after September 29, 2020

This conference is offering prerecorded videos done by presenters who share their passion and knowledge with students. Because this event is virtual, they have decided to include session topics for grades 9-12, along with the grades 3-8. Share with other teachers and parents. Participants will select three topics of their choice relative to their grade level when registering.

Schools have the option to participate in three sessions as a class or teachers can register students individually with students selecting session topics of their interest. Parents can also register their students individually.

The brochure contains conference information changes and session topic options. The new registration system called Eventworks, does not require log in information. Please see the Young Writers webpage for the brochure, how to video and registration link www.swwc.org/yw.

With questions, contact:  Andrea Anderson, Student Enrichment Coordinator, SWWC Service Cooperative
1420 East College Dr., Marshall, MN 56258
P: 507-537-2257

Young Writers registration now open www.swwc.org/yw


Video Highlights of these programs

Young Artists – 90 sec. video

Young Writers – 90 sec. video

Science & Nature – 90 sec. video

Student Enrichment Highlights video on Youtube

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