Join arts organizations of all types — theater, music, visual, arts councils and more — for an afternoon of learning & networking. On the agenda are three important topics: 1) Finding & Keeping Volunteers 2) Public Art in Rural MN and 3) Networking with other arts organizations in the region. Plus a little “supper with SMAC.” Make plans to attend!


3:00 – 7:00 pm

Marshall-Lyon County Library, 201 C Street, Marshall

* This FREE LEARNING OPPORTUNITY is open to arts organizations in the 18-county region associated with the SW MN Arts Council. *

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3:00pm  Engagement and Leadership of Volunteers: Best Practices for Results

Led by Polly Roach, MAVA Volunteer Generation Fund Program Manager

No matter what size your organization is, there are core pieces that need to be in place to achieve results through volunteers. This session will cover the best practices for engaging volunteers. You will learn key components of designing volunteer positions, volunteer recruitment, risk management, volunteer recognition and how they work together for a successful volunteer program.

In addition, many arts organizations are rethinking how volunteers can be involved in skill based and in higher level and leadership roles. With limited resources for staff, this is one of the few routes open to do more, or even keep up.  This session will:

  • Explore opportunities for involving volunteers in project leadership and skill based roles
  • Look at the complexities of volunteers being placed in higher skill based roles
  • Offer strategies for success in engaging volunteers in skill based and higher responsibility roles.


4:30 pm   The Possibilities of Public Art
Led by Jen Krava, Forecast Public Art Creative Services Manager

In this session will talk about the many forms of public art and placemaking, look at several examples across the world, and share information about the resources Forecast provides to artists, arts administrators, and affiliated professionals.

Plan to stir up some public art ideas for your community.


5:15 pm  Networking: An essential piece of organizational success

  • Sharing of information
  • Breakout activities related to networking

6:00 Supper

6:30pm  SMAC News and Survey

  • 2018-2019 Grants Update
  • New Data Collection needs
  • Survey

7:00 pm  Conclude/Thank You

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