SW MN Arts Council 2019 *ARTIST RETREAT*

Join artists from across Southwest Minnesota for 1 & 1/2 days of networking and arts inspiration. Workshop sessions have been created to appeal to artists of all disciplines. The workshops will be held at Danebod Folk School in Tyler, MN for a “get-away” learning atmosphere.

REGISTER NOW! http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=9e86hmdab&oeidk=a07eg723sg25f689906

SMAC Artist Retreat 2019

DATES: Friday afternoon/evening, May 3 and all day Saturday, May 4. You may choose to attend just Friday, or just Saturday… or join us for the entire event along with overnight lodging at the historic Danebod Folk School.


Friday afternoon only: $15 for workshops & meals*
Saturday only: $15 for workshops & meals*
$30 total for both days of workshops
Overnight Lodging-Private Room: $35
Overnight Lodging-Shared Room: $20
Overnight Lodding-Private room with bath: $70 **Due to a great response, these private suites are now full!**

*Attendees outside SMAC Region: $25/day ($50 total for both days)

Drawing the Human Form: When you draw from life you’re attempting to capture the world as it really is. This means studying forms, proportions, perspective, shading, and all the fundamentals that go along with learning to draw. The human form is an excellent place to start. A model will be added to the second session on Saturday.

Nature Art-Making a birch bark basket: Dangle nature from a new angle! Bring spring into your space by making a hanging planter out of bark from a white paper birch tree. Students will weave this geometric basket using sustainably and locally harvested birch, while learning about the process and history of this amazing material. Grow a plant and your skills with this unique take on an old tradition. *Plants will not be provided and potting is not part of the class. Led by Beth Homa Kraus “Birch Bark Beth” (CLASS LIMIT: 10-must register when registering online)**CLASS IS FULL. Please contact SMAC if you would like to be on a waiting list.**

Meditative Mandala: The simple act of coloring a picture can be quite beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety. One popular way to do this is to create & color mandalas and use it as a form of meditation. (This activity will be available throughout the retreat.) Led by Krystl Louwagie.

“Let’s Rock”: For those who have jamming with a rock band on their bucket list or for teachers who would like to experience a rock band setting prior to trying it in the classroom. No experience needed…at all! Get ready to get loud! This workshop has 2 sessions (no need to attend both) but the second will put it all together & there will be a discussion of nontraditional approaches to arts education in the schools. Led by Regina Gorter. *Guitars welcome!

Paint Pouring Diptych: Acrylic pouring is a fun and easy way to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Even if you’ve never painted before and don’t consider yourself an artist, this technique is something anyone can do. All it takes is the right supplies and a little know-how, which you’ll learn during this session. Led by Tammy Grubbs.

Basics & Techniques of Using Colored Pencil: Colored pencils aren’t just for kids—they are powerful tools of creativity for people of all ages. When used correctly, you can produce lifelike drawings done in brilliant hues. But how do you do that, exactly? Like all media, there are basic approaches you need to learn so you handle your tools accordingly. Led by Kimberly Jansen-Kooistra.

“Describing Your Environment”-A Writing Exercise: Whether a first-time writer or published author, this writing exercise will challenge you to let your surroundings or memories of a certain place inspire your words on paper. Led by Thomas Flynn.

“Sharks & Turds in the Swimming Pool”: Have you considered publishing a book? This session covers the rudimentary basics of publishing and will identify predatory dangers and best practices. Led by Christopher Schmitz.

“Art Felt” Pictures: ‘Paint’ a picture with wool using a special paper called Artfelt paper. The picture can be used as a wall hanging or to sew onto a tote or other object. This session will be making the actual picture. A second, optional hour and a half session will follow, in which we will finish the project. Your creations will be dried on-site and ready for pickup later in the day. Led by Tessie Smith

Plein Air Painting: Plein air painting is about leaving the four walls behind and experiencing painting in the environment. The practice goes back for centuries but was truly made into an art form by the French Impressionists. Their desire to paint light and its changing, ephemeral qualities allowed artists the freedom to paint “en plein air,” which is the French expression for “in the open air.” Led by Bobbie Alsgaard-Lien.

Artist Grants-All the Possibilities: Have questions about grants offered to artists? Need clarification of qualified & acceptable expenses within these grants? Consider this an open forum to ask questions and get answers. Led by Nicole DeBoer, SMAC Executive Director.

REGISTER NOW! http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07eg723sg25f689906&llr=9e86hmdab

AND… Enjoy a special preview of the musical theatre performance of “Mamma Mia” highlights by MARSHALL AREA STAGE COMPANY on Friday night at 7pm.

Plus the networking between fellow artists is a must-attend reason. JOIN THE FUN!!

REGISTER NOW! http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07eg723sg25f689906&llr=9e86hmdab

Funding for this workshop is provided by the McKnight Foundation.

Schedule at a glance
Friday, May 3

12-1 pm, Check in/Room Assignment’s/Light Lunch

1-2:45 pm, Session # 1 Workshops

2:45-3 pm, Break & Snacks

3-5:30 pm, Session #2 Workshops

5:30 pm, Supper Provided

7-8:15 pm, “Mamma Mia”, Select pieces performance by Marshall Area Stage Company

Saturday, May 4

8-9 am, Registration/Breakfast

9:15-10:45 am, Session #3 Workshops

10:45-11 am, Break & Network

11 am-12:30 pm, Session #4 Workshops

12:30-1:30 pm, Lunch

1:30-3 pm, Session #5 Workshops

3-3:30 pm, Break & Network

3:30-5 pm, Session #6 Workshops

5 pm, Workshops & Retreat conclude


Funding for this workshop is provided by the McKnight Foundation. “Minnesota thrives when its artists thrive.”




12-1 PM, Check in/Room Assignments/Light Lunch provided
Session #1 (1-2:45 pm)



1A – Intro to Drawing the Human Form (1 of 2)

1B – Nature Art: Making a birch bark basket
*This workshop will continue through the next session, to 5:30 pm

1C – Meditative Mandala

Session #2 (3-5:30 pm)



2A – “Let’s Rock”

2B – Nature Art: Birch Bark Basket CONTINUED

2C – Paint Pouring a Diptych

5:30 pm, Supper provided

7-8:15 pm, “Mamma Mia” selected musical numbers, performed by Marshall Area Stage Company. Free and open to the public



8-9 am, Registration/Breakfast
Session #3 (9:15-10:45 am)



3A – Basics & Techniques of Using Colored Pencil

3B – Sharks & Turds in the Swimming Pool

10:45 – 11:00, Break & network

Session #4 (11 am-12:30 pm)



4A –  “Describing Your Environment” – A writing exercise

4B – “Art Felt” Pictures *This workshop will continue through the next session, to 3 pm

12:30 -1:30pm, Lunch

Session #5 (1:30-3 pm)



5A – “Let’s Rock”

5B – Plein Air Painting *This workshop will continue through the next workshop session, to 5 pm

5C – Drawing the Human Form *This workshop will continue through the next workshop session, to 5 pm

5D — “Art Felt” Pictures CONTINUED

3- 3:30 pm, Break & network

Session #6 (3:30-5 pm)



6A – Artist Grants: All the Possibilities

6B — Plein Air Painting CONTINUED

6C — Drawing the Human Form CONTINUED

5:00 PM Workshops & retreat concludes

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