Squid Fest Early Bird Vendor registration

by Jessica Stolen
Old logo, Squidfest 2022 with a squid tentacle

Interested in being a vendor at Squid Fest . Here is the registration link. The event will be held September 14th in Granite Falls, Minnesota. https://www.granitefallsarts.org/registration/p/squid-fest-early-bird-vendor-registration?fbclid=IwAR0Da5q11TdMavsfQBgVO6VBUrnfmbKcFerK7faXvJZvTl6azeqcnVjCVDQ_aem_AUV6fFr_5fU4L0KMYK9DiPMyUIfbCBMVmnsSiEXFs9DBY76B5jM3yUbgHwhX7YfRKlUjeFrXXae7pvYUhyEm7GQV

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