Springboard for the Arts: Project Proposals

by Jessica Stolen
poster calling for artists for rural urban solidarity
Rural and urban communities need each other. We share the same resources, land, and future. And when it comes to the work at Springboard, they’ve seen firsthand that artists are skilled at building solidarity, compassion, and understanding across geographies.Over the years, the perceived “urban-rural” divide has become a political strategy to provoke division and fear, instead of fostering connection and common ground. 

As we head into the latter half of an election year and a heated political season, Springboard for the Arts invites artists and creatives across Minnesota to develop projects that explore and shed light on the concept of rural-urban solidarity.This call is open to culture bearers, makers, artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, performers, and other creatives interested in developing projects that help build understanding, interaction, compassion, joy, and solidarity between rural and urban communities.

Projects can include as many artists as needed, but will require a Lead Artist(s) who is responsible for submitting a proposal, attending meetings with Springboard, managing funds, and ensuring the project’s overall success.

As part of the program, Springboard will provide: – Project support and a $2500 stipend for one Lead Artist who can demonstrate a strong connection to and experience in both urban/rural contexts.- Project support and a $5000 stipend for two Lead Artists, one in an urban and one in a rural place, who are teaming up on a project together. 

Types of projects may include (but are not limited to) zines/writing collections, video/motion art, visual displays (murals, billboards, lawn signs) and activations of public space (line dancing classes in parking lots, story circles in a library, shared meals, etc). 

Questions about the program or your project proposal? Email or visit www.springboardforthearts.org/rural-urban-solidarity
Applications will close at midnight CST on Monday, May 20, 2024.Learn more and apply

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