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Southwest Minnesota Arts Council mourns the loss of George Floyd and are keeping his family and community at the forefront of our thoughts. We are outraged that another black person has been killed by the police and we are grieving with the community over this tragedy. The racial inequities and disparities in access to resources are even more illuminated during this time. We are committed to increasing access to the arts because we believe it improves quality of life. It is vital that we support our artists, organizations, and communities in writing their own narratives. We know that we cannot do this work effectively if we do not address racism within our systems.

In 2019 SMAC developed an equity statement to make it clear for ourselves and our constituents what we believe. We would like to remind ourselves and our audiences of that statement at this time, as its relevance is vital now.

Tackling the issues of equity and inclusion requires commitment, respect, patience, determination, and flexibility. SMAC understands that there is no one single way to achieve equitable results, however we are committed to a sustained effort in breaking down barriers and building bridges across communities. To review our equity statement in its entirety, please visit:

Thank you for supporting the arts. Please join us in working towards developing equity in all our systems.

More resources:

  • The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture is a helpful resource. “Talking About Race” is a portal for parents and caregivers, educators, and community members. It’s a resource we recommend if you’re wondering where to begin.


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