Ridgewater College, Just Art: Challenging Racism and Promoting Social Justice


Just Art: Challenging Racism and Promoting Social Justice

Art takes many forms. Paintings, drawings, and sculptures are all examples.  Art also includes other forms of expression. Art can be music, drama, and writing. It can be photography, videos, and dance. In short, art allows us to express ourselves through many different formats and media.

With this in mind, Ridegewater college created the Just Art: Challenging Racism and Promoting Social Justice project as way for their students, faculty, staff and community to express their feelings regarding the death of George Floyd and the social unrest that has followed. It’s an opportunity to share your feelings on recent events, racism, and discrimination.

Just Art is a community Facebook page where you’re invited to submit your art to move forward and come together. Participation is at your comfort level and can take any number of forms. Below are a few examples of how you can get involved:

  • Submit and share your original art
  • Comment on others’ art and related posts
  • Share or reference the work of others and what their work means to you (with appropriate credit given)
  • Read the posts to learn from others

Submissions should be respectful and promote awareness, not division. They should support the relevant guiding principles of Ridgewater College: empowerment; diversity; equity; inclusion; trust; and respect. You retain all rights to any original art submissions you create, but they may contact you to obtain your permission if they’d like to share your work outside of the group.

Posts that violate their guiding principles and/or Facebook’s community standards will be removed, with violators being removed from the group.


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