Pipestone Performing Arts Center seeks managing director


Opening for Managing Director of the Pipestone Performing Arts Center

The Pipestone Performing Arts Center (PPAC) is seeking a new managing director.

The managing director needs to have a passion for the arts, flexibility in their personal schedule and a 24/7 availability for the requirements of the job. The director works with the board and many volunteers to maintain the success of the Arts Center.

Some of the aspects of the job include completing contracts with artists, managers and performers, greeting them when they arrive at the Center and helping them prepare for shows. The director manages those who work with the technical aspects of performances including lights and sound. They must also have a knowledge of the equipment and make recommendations on repairs and replacements as necessary.

The director oversees the box office and ticket system, rental agreements with those who want to use the Center and maintains a schedule and calendar for the Center.

The director puts out a quarterly newsletter, orders supplies and oversees the cleaning and maintenance of the Center.

Availability of office space is important because the director works with advertising and marketing, and also creates many of these materials. Advertising and marketing work includes working with our websites and other social media.

The ability to create posters, brochures, and other marketing tools in-house is preferred because it is more cost effective than hiring it out. It would be most useful for the director to be versed in graphic design and in the Apple platform.

The director prepares the agenda for monthly board meetings and is always available for input from board members and others in the community.

We have an excellent group of underwriters and a broad base of supporters. These relationships need to be nurtured and appreciated, often through personal contact. The director also coordinates grant applications and other forms of fundraising.

The job of managing director cannot be measured in hours. Its essence is to continue the growth of this Center, which brings much soul and spirit to the community and area.

Interested applicants should email resumes to PPAC Board President Kyle Kuphal at krkuphal@hotmail.com

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