Jessica Gorman


March 12 – May 1, 2020

SMAC Gallery

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"Prohibited Acts" by Jess Gorman

Jess Gorman is an artist using social practice, visual art and immersive research to kickstart rural revival of community history and legacy. Originally from the Rustbelt of Dayton Ohio, Gorman has lived in the south and west, moving to Minnesota from Denver in 2017. Her projects incorporate history and collaborators such as arts councils, businesses, historical societies, nonprofits, and other local artists with goals of invigorating interest in rural stories, providing access to art in rural places and connecting modern communities with local legacy and each other. She doesn’t believe in strangers. Her work is often begun by enticing public participation with taboo talk, silly costumes, and pie.

Prohibited Acts is a multimedia arts installation and in theme looked at the acts and imagery of an era that was riddled with rules on what was taboo. Whether it be women’s ankles or alcohol, the world one hundred years ago held a different view of acceptable. The interactive multimedia art series explored the rich history of prohibited acts in the hometown of prohibition legislator Andrew Volstead, Granite Falls, Minnesota producing a 2D exhibit for the community. The multiple artists engaged used art in a variety of ways to inform, celebrate and educate during this 100 year anniversary of the Prohibition Act with the totality being documented by Artist Jess Gorman.

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