Danielle Wedeking


May 18 – July 3, 2020

SMAC Gallery

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Personal Magic

“Becoming a teacher has been such a huge part of the last 7 years. My own artwork took a back seat to grading, classroom management, lesson plans and project examples. I don’t think you ever get a full handle on teaching but within the last year I have been finding more time to work on my personal artwork resulting in the collection of drawings displayed in Personal Magic.

Growing up in rural southwest Minnesota nature has always been a huge inspiration and I enjoy drawing and juxtaposing hard and soft imagery and textures in my artwork. While having always been interested in all things magical, I chose to use the occult imagery to evoke the “magic” that most people associate with the creation of art. As an art teacher a large part of my job is convincing students that they can in fact draw and its not a “magical’ skill that only a lucky few are born with. My show Personal Magic is an ode to my students, hard work, and practice.” ~ Danielle Wedeking

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