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July 11 – August 30, 2019

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Cole Behrends

At the end of every fall I move my painting studio indoors so my materials do not freeze. Collecting the paintbrushes that have dried over with paint has become a ritual part of this move. I collect these brushes in a jar on my desk and it becomes their final resting place. I call this jar of dead brushes The Paintbrush Graveyard. This jar of petrified implements stands as a solemn totem to the tools that have helped me craft.

Fall ending changes the process of my art making. My bright tubes of acrylic paints get tucked away in a old Converse shoe box. My canvases get lofted into the rafters of my studio, aka my parents’ garage, to make room for vehicles needing shelter from the frigid weather. The space I work in shrinks from the size of a garage to the size of a desk. The change is dismal and I must acclimate to these unfavorable accommodations.

One day in early 2016 I picked up a six by four inch note card and a black marker. I drew using the angst I felt from the recent downsizing of my work space. It felt great! I made a habit of listening to metal music and drawing more black and white pictures. This process became meditative and I started saving these little intimate drawings in a pocket of my book bag, not knowing what I should do with them. The collection grew and I became inspired. I wanted to share these drawings with the public, but I wasn’t sure how I could.

[Finding inspiration from two artists in Sioux Falls, I knew] I needed to make a zine. It was the perfect solution to the stack of drawings in the pocket of my book bag. The Paintbrush Graveyard zines have become the main focus of my artwork.

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