Anne Wedler


September 9 – October 29, 2021

SMAC Gallery

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Anne Wedler of Lyon County received a SMAC Emerging Artist grant to work on a project called “Cyanotype” in early 2020.

“This body of work combines the technique of drawing with a photographic process called cyanotype. For this exhibition, drawings were created, then photographed. Through photoshop they were then reversed, light being turned into dark, dark being turned into light to create a negative or reversed image. That image was then printed out on a piece of transparency to be used as a negative, like in photography. That negative was placed on paper treated with light sensitive material that turns blue when exposed to light. In this way drawings were transferred from being singular and on one kind of paper to being able to be replicated and live as a copy on a surface as a cyanotype. This photographic process has been used to make multiples including blueprints historically. She is using it to explore how to expand the scope of drawing from one singular work to multiples.

The drawings explore the theme of how relocation changes our sense of identity and how identity can be tied to place. Exploring, traveling, relocating is such a common human experience yet it can be life-changing. In the drawings/cyanotypes, objects can have dual roles of being both sources of security while also being a burden. They represent what makes our spaces feel like home, the physical reminders of memories, identity and so many other things. Objects become markers of our personalities, time and place and purpose. They also last way longer than any of us will and will be left behind to tell a disjointed story of who we were and what we cared about. The objects drawn reference the way that time and nature moves on and that what was once important or special is just another artifact to grow over or around.” ~ Anne Wedler

Anne Wedler grew up in the Midwest, receiving her BFA from Missouri State University and her MFA from Indiana University. She has lived and taught in a variety of locations including Alabama, Detroit and remote Alaska. While she is currently living and teaching in western Minnesota, she is challenged by as well as inspired by travel and relocation. While both drawing and painting have been a large part of her artistic practice, she is expanding how these skills can be used for new kinds of art making. Learning about new processes, tools and experimenting with new mediums helps Anne grow as an artist and expand the ideas she can explore with her art.

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