Opportunity for Nobles County Artists!


Congratulations to artist Suree Sompamitwong of Worthington for being the recipient of an Ignite Rural Artist Residency grant to lead a community art program! Through it, she wants to create a clothing line dedicated to showcasing local artists and their work.

Called Art Invasionz, Suree’s new venture is to partner with artists of any age from within Nobles County, taking their art and featuring it on urban streetwear — T-shirts and hoodies. In addition to the art, Suree would like a written paragraph from the artist about how art is therapeutic for them. Artists who would like more information or to participate, may contact Suree at artinvasionzclothing@gmail.com . The deadline for submissions is April 5, and Suree intends to announce the artwork to be featured in the clothing line on April 7.

Once the line is completed, a fashion shoot will happen in May. Suree also wants to host a local fashion show, and is in need of models for that event. A requirement of the grant is that her work be completed by May 31, though the fashion show — if it happens — will be in June.

Read more here: https://www.dglobe.com/news/local/artists-sought-to-share-their-work-for-clothing-line

Suree is also a SMAC Quick Support for Artist grantee in 2022!

Thank you, Suree, for uplifting the arts in our region! Make sure to also check out her arts organization, Creative Healing Space at https://creativehealingspaceinc.com/

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