Southwest West Central Student Enrichment Programs

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for kids in grades K-12

Check the SWWC Student Enrichment website as details are being added when they are available.

·     Give students a chance to find their inner artistic talent, use their creative minds with words and explore their scientific curiosity by participating in student conferences.

·     Challenge students to show their competitive side by taking part in the competitions and contests.

Here are ways to give your students a chance to try something new or something they are interested in! There is something for everyone!

SWWC helps students find their passion in life by providing high-quality enrichment opportunities that are affordable for families and school districts. Enrichment conferences, competitions and programs are for all K-12 students in our 18-county region (regular education, students with special needs, gifted and talented, home school, etc.).

If you would like to be added to the contact list, please email your name, address, phone number to Andrea Anderson at (507-537-2257).

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