Nobles County Public Art Opportunities

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Through the ArtMobile and a grant from the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council, Worthington is facilitating community painting of tiles for five planters downtown.

Each of the five planters will represent one of the dominant cultures in Worthington: Native American, European, Asian, African and Hispanic/Latinx. The ArtMobile will work with other community organizations and businesses to do tile-painting events onsite.

Two events have already been planned. From 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 11 and Thursday, Aug. 19, Forbidden Barrel Brewing Company will host a tile painting. Supplies are provided by the ArtMobile, and it’s free to participate. Plus, anyone who paints a tile may tell the bartender and receive a dollar discount on a pint.

To set up a tile painting event, contact the ArtMobile at (507) 360-4619.


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