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Health Plan Design with Minnesota nonprofits in mind

Did you know the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) launched BenefitsMN, a new health care coverage option for Minnesota nonprofits? Over the past two years, they have worked diligently towards this goal, because they are committed to increasing the vitality of Minnesota’s nonprofit sector. Here more from them:

Throughout the 30-year history of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN), our members from across the state have asked us to provide health plan options, to help them improve their ability to recruit and retain the best possible staff. MCN formed BenefitsMN, an Association Health Plan (AHP), in 2018, to develop and oversee this exploration. By increasing negotiating leverage due to economies of scale, and reducing the administrative burden that comes with offering benefits plans, we believe BenefitsMN helps nonprofit employers better achieve their missions.

Now entering its third year, BenefitsMN has 77 participating nonprofits, covering more than 550 nonprofit employees and 900 lives in total. As 2022 approaches, those numbers continue to grow, giving BenefitsMN even more bargaining power when negotiating for and providing:

  • Coverage for MCN 501(c)(3) nonprofit members based anywhere in Minnesota
  • Coverage for employers with two or more eligible employees
  • Four high-quality plan options in five networks
  • Attractive rates for a majority of our members
  • Access to Benefits Administration and enrollment platforms at no additional cost
  • A full suite of voluntary benefits options

With 2021 in full swing, we’re elated to report that 82 percent of currently participating organizations did NOT see a cost increase for 2021. In addition, BenefitsMN negotiated:

  • MyHealthRewards Invest to be included for 2021
  • Medica’s Clear Value Network to be added for 2021
  • the addition of a $500-$25-25% for 2021
  • another 9 percent Rate Cap Per Tier for 1/1/2022

Note: Any nonprofit – MCN member or not – may request information from Gallagher about the plans. To receive a rate quote and to participate in BenefitsMN, however, an organization must be an active nonprofit member of MCN for a minimum of 30 days.

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