Minnesota Council of Nonprofits: Communication Styles & Conflict Resolution

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March 25, 1-3 pm.

Cultural Differences:
Communication Styles & Conflict Resolution

Cultural Differences: Communication Styles & Conflict Resolution. Thursday, March 25, $45 members/$65 nonmembers. Organizations have a workplace culture, but each employee brings their own culture to work. Examine different communication and conflict styles to learn strategies for identifying barriers to inclusion and managing conflict in the workplace.

  • March 25 | 1 – 3 p.m. | $45 MCN members / $65 nonmembers
    Deepen your understanding of how culture influences communication styles, which can often lead to misunderstanding and conflict.
  • About the Presenter: Rebecca Slaby, executive director of AMAZEworks, works with schools, communities, and organizations to create equity and belonging for all. She gives workshops on anti-bias education with a focus on cultural responsiveness, bias, identity, and stereotype threat and has co-authored two AMAZEworks curriculums.

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