Minnesota Citizens for the Arts Annual Meeting

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You are invited to

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts Annual Meeting

Meet MCA’s new Executive Director, Sarah Fossen, and help thank former Executive Director Sheila Smith and Interim Director Jennifer Halcrow. 

Friday, November 5th, 2021 @ 3:00 PM

Via Zoom

Interested in attending?

Send an email to to receive the zoom link information for the meeting


Minnesota Citizens for the Arts FY 2022 Board Nominations

Nominated for a First Term:

All nominations will be announced prior to the board meeting or will floor nominated.


Nominated for an Additional Term:

Mary Ann Aufderheide (Organization, Metro), Morgan Baum (At-Large, Greater Minnesota), Peg Churchwell (At Large, Greater Minnesota), Nicole DeBoer (Region 6/8, Greater Minnesota), Drew Digby (Region 3, Greater Minnesota), Tanya Gertz (At-Large, Greater Minnesota), Gao Hong (At Large, Greater Minnesota), Michelle Kiley (Organization, Greater Minnesota), Leslie LeCuyer (Region 7W, Greater Minnesota), Kathy Mouacheupao (Region 11, Metro), Michael-jon Pease (At-Large, Metro), Laura Seter (Region 2, Greater Minnesota), Dana Sikkila (At Large, Greater Minnesota), Amy Stearns (Region 4, Greater Minnesota), Daniel Zielske (At-Large, Greater Minnesota).


Current Members Whose Terms Continue into Next Year:

Jamie Andrews (At-large, Metro), Sandy Boren-Barrett (Organization, Metro), Brenda Byron (Region 9, Greater Minnesota), LaTia Childers (At-Large, Metro), James Haskins (Organization, Metro),  Jon Limbacher (Organization, Metro), Kristin Makholm (At-Large, Metro), Tammy Makram (Organization, Greater Minnesota), Tamara Nadel (At-large, Metro), Mark Nerenhausen (Organization, Metro), Alana Peterson (Region 7E, Greater Minnesota), Michael Robins (Organization, Metro), Frederica Simmons (At-Large, Metro), Sheila Terryll (At-Large, Metro), Ross Willits (At-Large, Metro). 

Retiring Members:

1.    Sean Dowse (Region 10, Greater Minnesota)

2.    Kristin Eggerling (Region 1, Greater Minnesota),

3.    Scott Lykins (Region 5, Greater Minnesota),

4.    Carla McGrath (Organization, Metro)

5.    Faye Price (At-large, Metro) 

6.    Christopher Stevens (Organization, Metro)


2021-2022 Slate of Officers: (Subject to change)

President: Ross Willits

Co-Vice President: Morgan Baum

Co-Vice President: Tanya Gertz

Secretary: Leslie LeCuyer

Treasurer: Mark Nerenhausen

Past President: Mary Ann Aufderheide

At Large: Amy Stearns 

From: Mark Albers, Operations Manager

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, 661 Lasalle Street, Saint Paul, MN 55114

651-251-0868 / Office

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