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As in years past, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA) will be organizing Arts Action week as well as an in-person arts rally at the Minnesota capitol. Minnesota Citizens for the Arts is a recognized national leader in arts advocacy. Arts Action week will be March 20-24.

Join us as we continue to advocate and secure Legacy Amendment and General Fund dollars during this budget year. MCA is working to pass a bill that would grant $100+ million to arts and cultural groups.

Did you know you can take part in Arts Action Week virtually or in-person? Choose what’s best for you, but be sure to register!


ONLINE kick-off event will be on March 20 at 10:00 AM!

IN-PERSON rally for the arts on March 21 from 2:30 pm at the MN Capitol in the L’Etoile du Nord Vault Room

ONLINE Legislative Meetings with your elected officials throughout the week.

SMAC staff will be attending the in-person rally on March 21st, as well as in-person meetings with our regions representatives. And we want YOU to join us!! SMAC can help coordinate carpooling or van rental-please contact us with your interest. We can also reimburse mileage where practical for arts advocates in our region to travel to our capital.

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