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So you want to hire an equity consultant? 

As our country continues to experience the effects of systemic racism and health inequality, nonprofits are simultaneously navigating these issues in 2021 and beyond.

Building a race equity culture at your nonprofit is an ongoing, intentional process of challenging white supremacy; hiring an Equity Consultant can help your organization jump start this work, focus your priorities, and build capacity.

So You Want to Hire an Equity Consultant, by Equity in the Center, is a free guide for leaders and organizations seeking to begin this work.

To achieve measured growth toward race equity, you are prompted to consider:

  • What does it cost to build a race equity culture?
  • What can you realistically accomplish in your timeline?
  • What skills or expertise fit your organizations’ needs?
  • How will you measure action and change?
  • How are you looking for white supremacy culture during this process?

Determine if hiring an Equity Consultant is right for your nonprofit in 2021.

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