GOLD College in Marshall offers Arts related classes

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GOLD College offers non-credit courses and lifelong learning opportunities for adults of any age.

OLD College Kick-off Event March 10 at SMSU


Marshall, Minn. — GOLD College at Southwest Minnesota State University will hold its spring kick-off on Thursday, March 10 at 10 a.m. in Charter Hall 201 on campus.

SMSU President Kumara Jayasuriya will give the keynote address for the event.

GOLD College offers non-credit courses and lifelong learning opportunities for adults of any age. It is open to all adults, with any level of education. Courses last two hours, and are held one day per week over a six-week term. Topics include agriculture, art, critical thinking, current events, health, history, music, philosophy, writing and more.

The spring session runs from March 14 through April 21.

GOLD is an acronym for Growth, Opportunity, Learning and Development.

The courses that will be offered during this session of Gold College include:  (Arts related sessions are bolded.)


• Understanding Agriculture and How it Impacts You (in-person and via Zoom), 9-1 a.m.; instructors: Rachel Raths, 2013 alumna, Microbiology and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Ralco, along with Brandon Rodriguez, Dr. Tim Broderick. Participants will discuss the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

• The Power of Thinking Better (in-person and via Zoom), 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; instructor: Dr. Jim Walters, 1990 alumnus. This course will introduce the learner to several essentials for thinking effectively.

• Pottery (in-person only), 2-4 p.m.; instructor: Pat Hand. Students will work with clay to create their own pottery forms.


• Living a Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle (in-person and via Zoom), 9-11 a.m.; instructor: Dr. Casey Paluch, 2013 alum. Learn more about how to help support your body daily to live a healthy lifestyle.

• To Kill a Mockingbird (in-person and via Zoom), 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; instructor: Jan Ellingworth. Readers will enter into the world of Alabama in the 1930s as Harper Lee writes about many issues that are as relevant today as they were 90 years ago.

• Marshall History Through the Decades: Celebrating 150 Years (in-person and via Zoom), 2-4 p.m.; instructor: Jennifer (Schefers) Andries, 2008 alumna, Executive Director, Lyon County Historical Society Museum. The class explores what the area was like before the white settlers arrived, how Marshall was established and significant events in Marshall’s history over the last 150 years.



• Wood Carving (in-person only), 9-11 a.m.; instructor: Dan Fischer. Discover the world of wood carving.

• American Civil War (in-person and via Zoom), 9-11 a.m.; instructor: Dr. Lloyd Petersen, SMSU Professor Emeritus. The class will look at the causes and consequences of the Union and the Confederate army’s actions, and long-term economic and intellectual impact of the war.

• American Heart Association Healthy for Life (Zoom only, no cost), 10-11 a.m.; instructor: Dr. Teresa Henning, SMSU professor. The classes are for anyone interested in learning ways if integrating healthy cooking and eating into their lives.

• Showtime: Some Favorite American History Documentaries (in-person and via Zoom, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; instructor: Dr. Joan Gittens, SMSU Professor Emerita. This class will show some hour-long documentaries on various topics in American history.

• Meet Marshall (in-person only), 2-4 p.m.; instructor: City Administrator Sharon Hanson and city staff. The class is an invitation to learn more about the city of Marshall.

• Edible Education (in-person only), 2-4 p.m.; instructor: Chef Randy Hanson and Kelly Hanson. Learn to cook like a pro.

• Adventures on the Prairie (in-person only); instructor: Katie Chapman, 2008 alumna, Shetek Environmental Learning Center. Discovering the prairies of southwest Minnesota can be a fun, educational adventure.


• Community Development and Human Geography (in-person and via Zoom), 9-11 a.m.; instructor: Tara Onken. Analyze local and regional localities through a geographer’s eyes, and discuss and discover about community development, economic development and social sciences.

• Oh Yes … You Can Paint! (in-person only), 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; instructor: Dale Hiland. Group members will paint in a supportive, encouraging environment. Bring an 11 x 14 canvas.

• Time Will Tell (in-person only), 2-4 p.m.; instructor: Pat Hand, adjunct professor. Discover current events during the lifetime of famous artists and musicians. What did Picasso and Beethoven have in common? Join us to find out.

Registrations are now being accepted for all classes. For more information, call 507-537-7164 or email: Parking permits will be available for pick-up after the presentation. For current COVID-19 requirements, visit:

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  1. Helpful information thanks for sharing !

  2. We been attending gold college for over 15 years and getting emails and mailing but last spring got NO info
    We most have been removed from your notices, we’d like to receive them.
    Elmer Green

    • Hi Elmer, we only post arts opportunities for the region, we do not organize Gold college. We will attempt to send your message onto the right contact.

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