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Check out these great opportunities for members of your organization

Area non-profit arts organizations:

Check out these great opportunities for members of your organization to learn more about fundraising with givemn for Give to the Max day this year! There are free online tutorials as well as in person training in Marshall and close by in St. Cloud and Mankato, all in September.

2017 Give to the Max Day Campaign Planning Workshops & Coaching

Give to the Max Day season is here! GiveMN will present a two-part training and strategy session in 2017, with a new format designed to maximize our time together. Here’s how to participate.

Watch GTMD 100-series training videos online for more information about GTMD17 logistics and how-tos.

Whether this is your first Give to the Max Day or you’ve planned a campaign every year, our short training videos will cover GTMD17 logistics (like prizes and key dates) and our most frequently asked technology questions.

View the GTMD 100-series training videos, and 15 additional short tutorial videos on the most popular features.

Join us for an in-person GTMD 201 strategy deep dive session.

Once you’ve viewed the basic GTMD 101 videos, join GiveMN for an advanced giving day strategy discussion to explore giving day goals, matching gifts, communications opportunities, and how to incorporate GTMD into your year-end strategy.

When you register for the group session, you may also sign up to be part of an afternoon of more individualized support with GiveMN staff. Simply add a ticket for the afternoon session through Eventbrite so we’ll have an idea of how many people are coming. This session is meant to be more individualized and more in-depth than informal Q&A, so bring the one or two biggest questions you have about your organization’s online fundraising strategy, whether for GTMD17 or beyond, and we’ll work to tackle it with you!

GTMD 201 Registration

Visit the links for our GTMD 201 strategy sessions below to register!

September 11

September 12

September 13

September 14
Saint Cloud

September 18
Saint Paul

Training FAQs

Do I need to know anything about my GiveMN page beforehand?
Nope! Do you know what your organization does in the community, why that’s important, and how important donor support is for your work? That’s all you need to know! To prepare for the best possible digital fundraising campaign, please look over previous fundraising or marketing efforts by your organization and familiarize yourself with the stories you’ve told, the ways you’ve engaged donors, and what the results were of those campaigns.

Do I need to bring a laptop or tablet? Is Wi-Fi available?
If you’ve got one, bring it. You’ll be generating lots of ideas during the workshop and you’ll want to have a device that allows you to both retrieve and retain information.

You don’t need to bring a device, but one would be helpful! A notebook is a must if you don’t bring a laptop or tablet.

Free Wi-Fi will be available at the training location.

Who is presenting?
Members from our small but mighty GiveMN team will be on hand to lead the session, but we’re also hoping to hear from many of you about your successful Give to the Max Day and other online fundraising strategies. We look forward to meeting you!

Do I need access to the GiveMN Administrative Area?
That would be super helpful since you’ll need administrative access to prepare your page for Give to the Max Day! If you don’t already have access to the GiveMN Administrative Area, complete the form found at and we’ll get your access set up before you arrive.

What about directions and parking?
The training location is noted on this page and can be found through online mapping services. Parking is available near the training location, though we encourage you to use public transit options whenever possible! There is free parking available in the lots off Logan Ave. and James Ave.

Will lunch be provided?
No, lunch will not be provided by GiveMN. There are numerous lunch options nearby or you can bring your own lunch to eat in the training room. We will have a one hour break in between the workshop and the technical assistance sessions for you to eat your lunch.

Will the presentation and handouts be available after the training?
All of the information we will share during training—and more—will be accessible through the GiveMN Resources Area

What should I wear?
Yes, we really do get ‘dress code’ questions. There is no dress code. Though wearing GiveMN green might get you called on for the first question!

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