Distinguished Artist Award Nominations Open with Increased $100,000 Award

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McKnight Foundation

The McKnight Foundation is thrilled to announce they are deepening their investment in artists and culture bearers who have contributed significantly to Minnesota communities. The Distinguished Artist Award is now open for nominations, with an increased award of $100,000 (previously $50,000). This increase emphasizes a commitment to a program goal—to catalyze the creativity, power, and leadership of Minnesota working artists and culture bearers.   We believe supporting artists and culture bearers means investing in the future world we want to live in. It is time that we grow our recognition of and investment in working artists and culture bearers—giving artists the support they deserve to make a living and a life, and for our communities to thrive through their contributions.Do you know an artist with an enduring and exceptional career in Minnesota?Nominations for the $100,000 award are due April 25, 2022.


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