Call for Artists! : Intermedia Arts’ Graffiti & Mural Walls

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Theme: This is Our Planet (Reclamation)

Call for Artists! : Intermedia Arts’ Graffiti & Mural Walls

Message from Intermedia Arts’:

Intermedia Arts is now accepting proposals from graffiti writers, muralists, and street artists for our 2017 painting season, which will be designed around the theme, This is Our Planet (Reclamation). In a time when there is so much resistance politically and socially, this is a call for us to dream forward what we are fighting for: our visions of beauty, life, meaning, creation, connection—the dreams that keep us alive.

We’re looking for artistic concepts and ideas that relate to or are inspired by …

  • storytelling with aspects of relationships between plants, animals, humans
  • sharing cultural knowledge of aspects of earth, nature, healing (from your own culture, not those of others)
  • medicines, mysteries, ancestors, Spirit
  • a perspective on life, community, connection not offered or lifted up in dominant western industrialized culture
  • our reclamation of home, healing, and community as our spirits know it
  • lifting up our cultural wisdom, stories and perspectives

… and more

Program and Vision:

Intermedia Arts’ outdoor gallery walls feature the work of emerging and established graffiti writers, muralists and street artists. We celebrate traditionally underrepresented artists, artist-activist-changemakers, and projects that spark imagination and social change. Our vision is to create space where graffiti and mural artists can build community, share skills, gather, connect, explore, experiment, grow artistically, and amplify their voices in the world.

We place a particular emphasis on showcasing and celebrating art created by women, artists of color, Indigenous artists, LGBTQIA+ artists, youth, and neighborhood artists, and artists responding to political & social issues. 

How it works:

Our 2017 painting season runs May-October, 2017, with a rotating schedule of new work created by individuals, crews, and collaborations. We are committed to developing relationships with artists over time, as well as to working with new artists, and artists at various stages of artistic development. We treat artists with respect and we value and honor their brilliance.

We provide artists with:

  • honorariums
  • paint
  • scaffolding
  • professional photos of their work
  • staff support
  • a welcoming environment with snacks and beverages during their painting week


How to Apply:

To apply for a spot on our walls, please tell us about yourself, your concept for the walls, and why Intermedia Arts is a good fit for you! You will need to submit a sketch of your concept,and 1-3 examples of past work.


About Intermedia Arts: As Minnesota’s premier multidisciplinary, multicultural arts organization, Intermedia Arts builds understanding among people by catalyzing and inspiring artists to make changes in their lives and communities. We provide creative people of all ages with the opportunities, tools, and support to come together across disciplines, sectors, and boundaries to connect, create, share, collaborate, innovate, think big, and act as catalysts for positive community-driven and community-defined change. We are a nationally recognized leader in empowering artists and community leaders to used arts-based approaches to solve community issues. By stimulating deeper community engagement and providing a platform for the stories and experiences of underrepresented communities locally, nationally, and internationally, we contribute to a stronger, healthier society.

Intermedia Arts | 2822 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

612.871.4444 | |

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