Opportunities for Minnesota Playwright Artists

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Applications are currently open for:

The Many Voices Mentorship — for beginning Black playwrights, Indigenous playwrights, and/or playwrights of color or artists in other disciplines who are interested in learning about playwriting (deadline December 7)

-The McKnight Theater Artist Fellowship -— for theater artists other than playwrights based in Minnesota (deadline March 28, it is recommended to submit an intent to apply earlier)

-The McKnight Fellowship in Playwriting — for playwrights in Minnesota who have had at least one play professionally produced (Deadline January 11)

Core Writer Program — for any committed professional playwright (Deadline January 25)

Contact: Julia Brown (she/her/hers)

Artistic Programs Manager

Playwrights’ Center
www.pwcenter.org | 612-332-7481 x.1115
2301 E. Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406


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