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Minnesota State Arts Board Fiscal Year 2024
Grant Opportunities Preview

The Minnesota State Arts Board is pleased to announce the grant programs it will offer in its fiscal year 2024 grant cycle.  In addition to the Operating Support program that was launched earlier, five project grant programs will be offered: Accessible Arts, Arts Experiences, Arts Education, Cultural Expression, and Creative Individuals.

While individuals and organizations have been resilient and have adapted to new ways of creating, offering, and experiencing art during the pandemic, flexibility continues to be vital.  The project grant programs are broad to support a wide variety of activities and they align with the intent of Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage fund to “support arts and arts access, arts education, and to preserve Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage”.

The following are very brief descriptions of the programs:

  • Accessible Arts will invest in longer-term strategies to make the arts more accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Arts Education will invest in age-appropriate learning experiences for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Arts Experiences will invest in a wide variety of programming intended to give Minnesotans access to meaningful arts experiences.
  • Creative Individuals will help individual artists and culture bearers develop or sustain their creative practices and meaningfully engage with Minnesotans.
  • Cultural Expression will invest in activities that share, explore, pass on, express, or celebrate culture through the arts.

Individual artists and culture bearers will be able to submit an application in only one of the following programs in FY 2024: Arts Education, Arts Experiences, Creative Individuals, or Cultural Expression.

Organizations will be able to submit an application in only one of the following programs for FY 2024: Arts Education, Arts Experiences, or Cultural Expression.

More information about eligibility, use of funds, grant amounts, and application deadlines is available on the Arts Board website.

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In order to increase demographic and geographic fairness of the distribution of funds, the Arts Board has identified priority groups for its project grant programs.  The priority groups will receive a percentage of the grants awarded that is equal to or greater than their percentage of the application pool.  The priority groups include:

  • Individuals or organizations that are based outside the seven-county metropolitan area
  • Individuals who are Indigenous or persons of color, or organizations in which individuals who are Indigenous or persons of color comprise 50 percent or more of the board and staff
  • Individuals with disabilities, or organizations in which persons with disabilities comprise 50 percent or more of the board and staff or are the primary population served

Application instructions and online application forms will be posted approximately eight weeks before the application deadline for each program; deadlines are posted on the Arts Board’s Web calendar.

Arts Board Calendar

The Minnesota State Arts Board is a state agency that stimulates and encourages the creation, performance, and appreciation of the arts in the state.  It works to ensure that all Minnesotans can participate in and benefit from the arts.

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