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The Executive Director is the chief executive officer for the organization and is responsible to the Board of Directors for the overall management of SMAC’s operations.  The Executive Director provides leadership to the board and staff in developing, articulating, and achieving a vision for the organization as one of 11 legislatively mandated regional arts councils serving the State of Minnesota.


-Implement the strategic goals and objectives of the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council.

-Enable the Board, with the assistance of the Board Chair, to fulfill its governance function.

-Give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council’s philosophy, mission, strategy and annual goals and objectives.

Reports to:

Southwest Minnesota Arts Council Board of Directors

Responsibilities and Highlighted Duties:


-Serves as authorizing official, fiscal and personnel officer for the corporation and supervises SMAC staff/volunteers.

-Supervises office management and staff.

-Supervises the staffing of Board and subcommittee meetings to ensure adherence to the Council’s mission and long range plan.

-Supervises policies, accounting, and other management activities for the Council.

Planning and reporting:

-Administers information gathering and a needs assessment at least every four years.

-Works with Executive Committee, Board committees, and the Board to develop and oversee long range planning, programming mission, and services.

-Prepares SMAC’s annual working budgets for administration, programs, and activities.

-Supervises the quarterly data reports to the Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB).

-Creates the annual work plans and/or biennial plans for the MSAB and The McKnight Foundation.

-Creates the annual reports for the MSAB and The McKnight Foundation.

Public and community involvement:

-Represents artists and organizations in the Southwest Minnesota 18 county region (RDC regions 6E, 6W & 8) in situations requiring the Council’s participation, or as directed by the Council Chair and Board.

-Articulates the region’s needs in meetings with State Representatives, State Senators, and Minnesota Citizen’s for the Arts.

-Serves as staff liaison with the Minnesota State Arts Board and The McKnight Foundation.

-Serves on the board of directors of the Minnesota Forum of Regional Arts Councils.

-Assertively advocate for the arts on behalf of the eighteen counties of southwest Minnesota.

-Works with local and regional arts organizations to provide technical assistance on organizational matters, publicity, grant-writing, fundraising, etc., as needed.

-Works with city, county, or community groups to promote the arts in the SMAC Region.

-Develops a familiarity with funding sources in the region and state that might assist constituents.

Grant administration: Provides oversight and outreach for the administration of grant programs.

-Works with Board, staff, and committees to determine needs, develop grant programs, and supervises guidelines and the application processes.

-Supervises the work of the program assistant

-Conducts grant writing/technical assistance workshops as needed.

Services/technical assistance duties:

-Takes part in appropriate grant writing/technical assistance workshops prior to each grant deadline.

-Directs the program assistant to coordinate the presentation of workshops/informational meetings by statewide organizations in the region.

-Directs the program assistant to coordinate workshops that address specific needs identified by constituents.

-Works with staff to provide technical assistance on career planning, grant-writing, etc. to regional artists.

Bookkeeping/financial reporting:

-Supervises the paying of grants and bills (expenses)

-Supervises the paying of the IRS and MN monthly withholding and reporting requirements

-Supervises and approves payroll

-Prepares, with the assistance of the administrative assistant, financial information for the auditor

Core Competencies:

-Passionate about the arts and grassroots funding of the arts.

-Proficient computer knowledge with software such as: Microsoft Office programs, Quick Books, online granting systems.

-Excellent written and oral communications skills.

-Willingness to learn and adapt to change.

-Demonstrate leadership qualities.

-Capable of maintaining impartiality, confidentiality, and discretion.

-Experience working with nonprofit boards and volunteers.

-Experience in supervising a professional staff.

-Financial management background.

-Familiarity with public funding of the arts.

-Be able to discern needs in region and then conceptualize, develop and implement programs to meet needs.

-Problem-solving skills with volunteers, staff, and public.

-Familiarity with rural living and issues, preferably southwest Minnesota.

-Have excellent rapport with people of diverse backgrounds/value systems.

-Be sensitive to political, social, geographical, and economic issues of Southwestern Minnesota.

-Have an overall attitude of providing service and growth opportunities to artists and arts organizations in the region.

-Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of experience and training.

-At least two years working in a supervisory position.

-Able and willing to travel within the SMAC region and the State, occasionally overnight. A valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle is mandatory.

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