New Study Reveals a Large Impact of the Arts on Local Economy


Contacts: Sheila Smith, Executive Director for Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, 651.251.0868
Tom Wirt, Board President of Hutchinson Center for the Arts, 320.587.4718

New Creative Minnesota 2017 Study of the City of Hutchinson Reveals Large Impact for the Arts on Local Economy

Creative Minnesota, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts and Hutchinson Center for the Arts released a new study today indicating that the arts have a large impact on theCity of Hutchinson.
“Nonprofit arts and culture organizations contribute to the vibrancy of Minnesota’s economy and quality of life and make our state a magnet for jobs and businesses. Now we can quantify that in Hutchinson.” said Sheila Smith, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts. “In addition to providing life changing experiences, educational opportunities and accessibility to audiences of all ages in their stages and museums, arts and culture organizations are important employers and economic engines.”
“The arts are a part of life which give us enjoyment, beauty, and make our homes and community, places of peace, beauty and learning. But the arts also bring our community economic value,” said Tom Wirt, Member of Board of Hutchinson Center for the Arts. “As a community where the City and the people support the arts, we want the community that makes the arts happen to also see the “hard value” we receive from giving this support, both in time and effort (volunteering) and financially.”
As the most comprehensive report ever done of the state’s creative sector, Creative Minnesota 2017 fills in the gaps of available information about Minnesota’s cultural field and seeks to improve our understanding of its importance to our quality of life and economy.
Creative Minnesota 2017 quantifies the impact and needs of Minnesota’s artists and creative workers and nonprofit arts and culture organizations. The report includes both new, original research and analysis of data created by others.
All Creative Minnesota research is available for free at

To read the full press release and for more highlights from the study, click here.

To view the Hutchinson “One Page” summary of the study, click here.


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