New Keynote, Sessions, & Speakers at National Arts Marketing Project Conference 2020

2020 National Arts Marketing Project Conference
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New Keynote, Sessions, Speakers at NAMPC 2020
Arts marketers across the country have been doing the hard work of making their communications and engagement more accessible and equitable. This year has given us even more opportunities to rethink marketing models and strategies so we can bring more arts to more people. At the 2020 National Arts Marketing Project Conference, we are excited to feature experts and leaders in accessibility and equity, including a keynote from sound artist, Christine Sun Kim!
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Reserve your spot at the 2020 NAMPC on December 7 & 8 to hear from these experts and explore what’s ahead for arts marketing in 2021 and beyond.
Keynote with Christine Sun Kim
Accessibility in the Digital Landscape
Christine Sun Kim uses the medium of sound in performance and drawing to investigate her relationship with spoken languages and her aural environment.  In a number of projects, Kim breaks down American Sign Language (ASL) to its essence, which in-turn reveals its nuances and complexities.
With compelling humor and a justice-oriented perspective, Kim’s work expresses the depth and dynamism of sound and language in the human experience.
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Disrupting Bias in Content Creation
As we work towards greater racial justice, the arts field is increasingly evaluating programs and artworks for bias, whether conscious or unconscious. To make arts programs equitable, we need to examine and uproot prejudices, discrimination, and racism that exists.
How do we make these necessary changes and protect the authenticity of the artist, the art, the narrative, and the work regardless of ethnic or racial origin?
Speaker: Donna Walker Kuhne, President of Walker International Communications Group
Donna Walker Kuhne

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