National Survey Will Track Impact of Coronavirus on Creative Sector


National Survey Will Track Impact of Coronavirus on Creative Sector

Americans for the Arts, with whom Minnesota Citizens for the Arts collaborate with on national issues, will be tracking the impact of the coronavirus on the creative sector with a short, five minute survey that will be repeated over time. The survey will give arts advocates across the country real time data that can be used to advocate for the arts at the national level.

With arts events being canceled across the state in Minnesota, for most artists and arts organizations the impacts are just beginning to be understood. We applaud this effort to get our arms around the impacts on the arts community.

Here’s what they say about the survey:

“On January 20, 2020, the first coronavirus patient in the United States was confirmed. This survey is designed to collect information about the financial and human impacts that the spread of the coronavirus has had on arts and cultural organizations. The survey also collects basic information about the participating organizations so that the data can be parsed by specific geographic regions, artistic disciplines, and budget categories. Thank you in advance for spending five minutes to fill it out!”

Take the survey HERE.

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