Mural in The Trailhead from The Loppet Foundation

by Jessica Stolen
loppet foundation logo

“The Loppet Foundation is seeking a mural artist/artist team from Minnesota to create a new mural inside The Trailhead building located in Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. The location for the mural spans the majority of the main hall of The Trailhead and we are excited for it to be a beautiful artwork that serves to inspire everyone who uses and visits the Trailhead!

There is one $13,500 commission available for an interior mural- roughly 450 sq/ft, that includes design, community engagement, materials and installation. The selected artist will design the mural in collaboration with Loppet Foundation staff and include community in the design and creation of the mural.”

Deadline: July 15

More info →…/mural-in-the-trailhead

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