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The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is pleased to announce the third annual Virginia McKnight Binger Unsung Hero Awards. In partnership with The McKnight Foundation, four Minnesotans, two from the Twin Cities metro and two from Greater Minnesota, will each receive $10,000 in recognition of the significant impact they have had on the state of Minnesota and its communities.

Nominations are open until May 19, 2017.

Award Criteria 
A Virginia McKnight Binger Unsung Hero is an individual who has had a significant impact on the state of Minnesota and its communities. This individual:

  • Has played a significant role on creating a positive impact on Minnesota and its communities.
  • Has not been widely recognized for his/her work in the past.

Award Eligibility

  • Nominees do not have to be employed at an organization to be eligible, but may be volunteers, board members or service staff of nonprofits.
  • Nominees must be Minnesota residents.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Nominees may not be past Virginia McKnight Binger Unsung Hero Award or Human Services Award recipients.

Recipients will receive:

  • $10,000 cash award

Public recognition at MCN’s 2017 Annual Conference in St. Paul on October 12, 2017.

Visit here to learn more.

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