MN Council of Nonprofits 2021 Greater Minnesota Session Lineup with the Governor’s Office

As the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits continue to advocate for the sector, consider joining them for their 2021 Greater Minnesota Session Lineup, where nonprofits will get the opportunity to connect and hear directly from the Governor’s office, and legislative caucus leaders as they share their priorities for the upcoming session.


First-ever Greater Minnesota Session Lineup !
January 15, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., Virtual Training
$20 for members / $35 for nonmembers
Every legislative session is a time for nonprofits to show up, build relationships, and use our voices as a powerful catalyst for change.
Greater Minnesota Session Lineup presents the exciting opportunity to hear from elected officials on priorities and issues impacting Greater Minnesota, in a virtual venue so that nonprofit leaders from all over the state can participate. Nonprofits in Greater Minnesota will be able to connect directly with legislators who represent areas outside of the Twin Cities.

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