MN Council of Non-Profits Board Governance Workshop


MN Council of Non-Profits presents

Marshall Board Governance Training
Friday, August 17 | 1 – 4 p.m. | Marshall
$45 for members / $75 for nonmembers

Running a nonprofit organization in a rural region is very different from what our colleagues do in metro regions. Nonprofits in rural areas do not need a give-get-or-get off approach to boards similar to a metro region, but need a more engaged board who can also support fundraising and management. How do you go about building a successful board that can be a partner with you as the executive? How can you find board members who will be active members as well as support your mission? We will find answers to these questions as well as why rural nonprofits need to find a different board member than what other nonprofits need in larger metro regions.

Register more and save! Buy two registrations at the regular price and receive a third registration for free. We encourage you to bring your board members with you!

To register and for more information, visit:

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