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Mn Artists is seeking proposals from Minnesota-based artists of all disciplines to serve as “guest curators” for one-night events at the Walker Art Center. Guest artists will propose a central topic, idea, theme or question arising from their artistic practice or research. Guest curators will then work with Mn Artists and Walker staff to conceptualize and produce a multi-faceted event that activates their idea.

Events can combine components including (but not limited to):

  • set design, costume and temporary installation
  • screenings
  • roundtable conversations, interviews, lectures, panels
  • workshops & how-to sessions
  • performance
  • live music
  • social moments; spaces or opportunities for artists to meet and connect to each other


Seeking proposals that:

  • use innovative, engaging and accessible methods to communicate artistic ideas and issues to the general public
  • promote a social atmosphere
  • are interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary
  • activate artistic research, unfolding in real time
  • include participatory or interactive elements
  • provide opportunities for learning, networking, and/or skill-sharing
  • relate to digital practice or online networks
  • involve artists/arts organizers who have not previously been involved in Mn Artists or Walker programming (though artists we have worked with before are welcome to apply!)


  • Proposals must come from individual artists, collaborative groups with a history of working together (i.e., not organizations or non-profits).
  • Proposals should highlight your community, interests, or network – rather than your own artwork.
  • All activities should be somewhat flexible in their space requirements, and may not take place in the Walker galleries, McGuire Theater, or Mediatheque.
  • All projects must leave no trace on the Walker campus, cause no damage to the building or artworks, and take no more than one day to install/de-install.
  • Projects may not involve plant materials, live animals, or food for public consumption made outside of the Walker’s catering agreements.
  • All projects must comply with the Walker’s non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.
  • Projects must be appropriate for a general audience, including visitors of all ages and with a range of physical access requirements.


  • Events will take place on Thursday nights on dates pre-selected by Walker staff.  Mn Artists Presents will run from 4–8pm on these given evenings. The events are scheduled for May 4, August 24, and October 5. Applicants should be available for all three dates.
  • Events may take place in different public spaces and rental spaces at the Walker Art Center. Please note that this series will not have access to the galleries, McGuire Theater, or Mediatheque and that space availability is contingent on facility rentals and other bookings.
  • The guest artist will receive a stipend, and a budget to commission other artist projects and collaborators, in consultation with Walker staff. The Walker Art Center will also cover materials, event production support, and documentation up to a set limit. Travel and lodging will be covered for artists who live in greater Minnesota.
  • Programs will be developed alongside outreach initiatives, curated content on, and editorial content on


Artists should:

  • Propose a central idea, phrased as a question, and
  • Give us a sense of how that might manifest in a one-night event: types of artist projects, potential collaborators, thoughts on discussion formats, etc.

Once proposals are selected, Mn Artists staff will work with the guest artist to fully realize the event, produce the artist projects, and ensure that the event is relevant and accessible to a wide range of audiences.


Proposals are due on Wednesday, February 8 at 3 pm CST.

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel consisting of Mn Artists staff, Walker staff, and local artists.


For further information and details on how to apply, plase read the full call for proposals on


We encourage interested applicants to contact Mn Artists Interim Program Manager, Emily Gastineau, with any questions on the parameters of this project. It’s also a good idea to contact Emily simply to talk through an idea and get feedback, since this is a collaborative event production opportunity rather than a standard exhibition proposal.

Please email Emily at

Mn Artists
Walker Art Center
725 Vineland Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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