Minnesota Zoo Hanifl Nature Center Exhibit Call for Art: Birds!

Abstract nature photos on an outside wall

In July 2023 the Hanifl Nature Center opened along with the Treetop Trail at the Minnesota Zoo. An art
exhibit is featured in the Nature Center. The theme for the next exhibit is birds and the exhibit will be
installed from March-Labor Day 2024.

The call is for residents of Minnesota and the goal is to represent the breadth of high-quality artistic
talent across the state.

Please review this context for the exhibit:
Unifying message: Inspiration that comes from birds. Appreciation for the beauty of birds, feathers,
bird nests, and bird flight. Showcase some of the many ways artists can be inspired by birds.

Aesthetic: Art that depicts or is inspired by birds. Feature diversity of styles and media. The space is
suited best for two dimensional pieces but there are also opportunities for sculptural work.

Read more here

The deadline for submission is Friday December 1, 2023, at 5 PM central time. Artists will be notified of
accepted work by December 22, 2023.

Questions and submissions should be sent to Leslie Palmer-Ross via email at Lpr@artforce.org.

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