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ince 2021, the Minnesota State Fair has presented the Joyful World Mural Park in partnership with Forecast Public Art and with support from the Minnesota State Fair Foundation. During the 12 days of the fair, visual artists create murals on-site, enlivening a new green space with public art and giving Fair visitors an opportunity to watch a wide range of artists work in a variety of styles. 

The Minnesota State Fair and Forecast Public Art are pleased to announce an open call for four muralists to add four new murals during the 2024 MN State Fair to the Joyful World Mural Park! Previous year’s murals are also a seasonal attraction on the fairgrounds – on view during the  summer around the fairgrounds before returning to the mural park location for the fourth year of the Joyful World Mural Park.  

Detail from Danielle Clifford’s mural. Photo by Drew Arrieta, 2022.2022 Fairgoers in front of Leslie Barlow’s 2021 mural. Photo by Drew Arrieta, 2022.A visitor poses in front of Thomasina Topbear’s mural. Photos by Andres Perez, 2021.Jennifer Davis chats with interested fairgoers. Photo by Andres Perez, 2021.


To apply, artists will be asked to provide the following:

  • Response to application questions that include: Who you are as an artist, why you would like to paint at the fair?
  • A brief description of your “Joyful World” mural concept. 
  • A rough design sketch for an 8’ x 8’ mural that reflects the mural park theme. How would you depict a world you want to live in? What does a joyful world mean to you?
  • 2- 4 samples of previously executed murals or large-scale paintings (larger than 4’ x 4’)

Entry Rules and Requirements

  • Artists must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the State of Minnesota. 
  • Artists must submit a rough sketch of a proposed mural design with their application.
  • Artists must submit at least two samples of previous mural or large-scale paint-based projects.
  • Artists may submit only one sketch concept. 
  • Artists may only submit one application.
  • Entries must be original work.
  • If accepted, the mural must be actively worked on during the Minnesota State Fair, August 22 – Sept 2. (Exact beginning and end date TBD; artists are expected to be onsite painting for at least 5 days.)
  • Artist will be required to attend an orientation prior to the fair.
  • Artist is responsible for providing materials (paint, brushes, rags, etc) they may need. The mural wall will be cleaned, primed, and ready to be painted on. 
  • Artists are responsible for the entire mural execution including the hiring and paying of assistants if the artist so chooses.
  • Artists must be prepared to be flexible and amenable to the unique conditions of this opportunity: potential weather interruptions, working outdoors in public space, interacting with Fair go-ers, loading materials in and out, working within the infrastructure of the Fair, cleaning and closing up their mural site at the end of each day. Artists should understand they are unique and valued, but only one of over 750 free entertainment events taking place across the 320 acres of the grounds over the 12 days of the Fair.
  • Applicants must not be a past mural park artist. Artists who previously participated are not eligible to apply again.


All proposed murals must be the original work of the artist in concept, composition, and execution. Artists’ proposals will be reviewed by a selection panel determined by the Minnesota State Fair and Forecast Public Art. Decisions by the selection panel are final and not open to negotiation. 

The Minnesota State Fair and Forecast Public Art are committed to providing opportunities to people regardless of economic or social status and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status, or physical ability.


The selection criteria used to consider artist proposals include how the proposal aligns with the Minnesota State Fair Mission: To educate and involve our guests by providing a world-class showcase that is innovative, entertaining, and fun. 

The Minnesota State Fair strives to: 

  • Showcase Minnesota’s finest agriculture, art, and industry.
  • Present an unparalleled forum for knowledge and ideas.
  • Provide outstanding customer service.
  • Offer exceptional value.
  • Provide a safe, clean environment that is accessible to all.
  • Create unique experiences.

In addition, the selection committee considers artist proposals in terms of:

  • Audience enjoyment (must be family-friendly).
  • Uniqueness.
  • Diverse representation of genres, cultures, and geography.


Each commissioned mural is approximately 8’ x 8’ constructed of wood as part of a three-sided structure. Each artist is assigned one side of the structure for their mural.  To complete this mural, the artist will receive a stipend of $4,500. This fee includes materials. 

Artists will be provided with parking, fair access, and food vouchers. 

Artists from outside the metro area and greater Minnesota are encouraged to apply. Travel reimbursements or other logistical support will be discussed as needed. 

Four muralists will be selected for the 2024 Joyful World Mural Park. 

Completed mural will remain on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and be owned by the Minnesota State Fair.

Artist retains copyright to the artwork design.

For more information, visit the link HERE

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