Minnesota Author Project calls for submissions from Minnesota’s self-published authors

by Jessica Stolen
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Text courtesy of the Minnesota Library Association.

The Minnesota Library Association joins libraries throughout the state in announcing the call for entries in this year’s Minnesota Author Project statewide contest for independently-published works in three categories: Young Adult, Adult Fiction, and Communities Create. The Communities Create category seeks creative written work by Minnesota organizations and communities. This is the contest’s seventh year. Submissions in all three categories will be accepted May 1 through May 31, 2024.

Visit the Indie Author Project website to learn about award and prize details, and full submission requirements regarding the Adult and Young Adult Fiction categories as well as the Communities Create category.

For free resources to get started and for a link to the Indie Minnesota Collection, visit the MN Writes MN Reads website.

Mary Johnson, President of the Minnesota Library Foundation, emphasizes the role of libraries in bridging the gap between writers and readers: “Libraries are not just about books; they’re about community, connection, and growth. Through platforms like BiblioBoard Library, we’re able to showcase the talents of indie authors and bring their work into the spotlight.” The 2023 Minnesota Indie Author Project winners, including Dr. Artika Tyner, for her anthology on racial justice and healing, are a testament to the opportunities libraries provide for authors to increase their visibility in the digital content and indie-published book landscape.

The competition is also seeking judges to help select the best submissions. Each judge will read approximately 10 titles from mid May through September. Judge trainings will be held April 16 and April 23. For more information, and to volunteer, visit the Minnesota Author Project’s signup form.

Writers and readers alike are encouraged to check out the Indie Minnesota library. Download the Biblioboard Library app or start reading now via your web browser.

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