Jackson Center for the Arts seeks Artists, Creators & Makers for Holiday Market Gallery

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Vendor Invitation! Jackson Center for the Arts is proud to announce its fourth annual HOLIDAY MARKET.

This is designed for Artists & Creators & Makers. The HOLIDAY MARKET will be held in the JCA Gallery from November 4th through December 23rd.

The center invites you to participate. Please reserve your space by emailing jacksoncenterforthearts@gmail.com, Subject line: Save me space!

JCA will set up your items for the HOLIDAY MARKET. Please provide an inventory list of your items, including prices. Price tag must include your name/company logo & item price. Bring your items beginning October 28th, M-F between 2-5pm or Sat from 12pm-2pm.

Please enclose the HOLIDAY MARKET Agreement (below) with your sales items. JCA will set up all vendor items. You do not need to bring tables, etc.

Space will be limited. The size of the items will determine how many will be on display at one time.

You must price all of your items. The JCA will receive 15% from the sales, you will receive 85%. Sales tax will be added to the sale, and the JCA will be responsible for paying sales tax to the State of Minnesota. There will be No other charges from JCA.

Your items may be replaced as they sell for the duration of the HOLIDAY MARKET.

JCA has a very limited storage area for your extra items; we recommend that you limit the items you bring. We will contact you if your items are running low.

A check will be issued to vendors for sales on Nov 30 and Dec 30. Any questions will be answered via email: jacksoncenterforthearts@gmail.com, subject line: Holiday Market. The center looks forward to your participation.


Ferman Woodberry, Executive Director

Jackson Center for the Arts

309 2nd Street, PO Box 94

Jackson, MN 56143

P: 507-849-7415

E: jacksoncenterforthearts@gmail.com

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 2-5 p.m.

Saturday 12-2p.m.

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