How have you adapted the arts during COVID-19?


Please share stories on how you or other artists and organizations in your community have been creatively modifying and innovating in-person arts-based projects. The examples provided will be incorporated into the toolkit and a new version will be re-uploaded to Forecast’s website. Forecast will automatically email a revised copy of the toolkit to anyone who downloads it, as updates are made.

More about the toolkit:

Innovation in the time of COVID-19

Forecast is pleased to release a toolkit with strategies for adapting in-person arts-based activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are launching the first iteration of this toolkit now, and will continue to develop it based on open-source input from you and examples of how you are adapting your in-person arts-based projects. Visit their website to download the toolkit and share your input and examples:


This toolkit is about learning to:

  • Continue a project or event with your collaborating artists
  • Engage a community in a time of physical distancing
  • Innovate and move forward rather than freezing a project
  • Keep artists working during this time


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