Individual Artists

Our goal is to provide resources and recognition to regional artists that will allow their work to develop and evolve. It is our intent to inspire creativity in its unique and true state without consideration of what is saleable.  Individual Artist grant programs are designed to aid in the career development and arts activities of artists living and working in the eighteen counties of southwestern Minnesota served by the SW MN Arts Council and to aid the development of young artists.

Individual Artist grants are made possible by a grant from the McKnight Foundation and by the voters of Minnesota thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

FY 2021 Grant Calendar

Brightly colored pair of beaded moccasins. The main body of each moccasins has a green background with a pattern of multi-colored concentric diamonds. The top of each moccasins has a cuff of natural leather.


Provides up to $4,000 to aid Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other artists of color with projects  that will advance their skills and artistic careers.  No match requirements.

Black and white piece of artwork. Strong contrast and lines, done with sharpie marker. It is of a stylized man with empty circles for eyes. There is a white form in back of him that resembles a person with no detail other than shape and black circles for yes. The shirt of the man in front says "Haunted" in thick, black letters.


(Previously called “Developing Artist”)   Provides up to $2,500 to aid emerging artists at an early stage of their career development with projects that will advance their career.  No match requirements.

Photo of installation artwork of large hanging paper pieces. To the left is yellow and gold curved pieces hanging from the ceiling. On the white wall hangs large stripes and rectangles of pink, green, pink blue and green again. There are simple accents of gold.


Provides up to $7,000 to aid established career artists in the advanced stage of their career development with projects that will advance their career.  No match requirements.


Provides up to $10,000 to artists to create a major new work, while collaborating with the community, introducing community members to the arts in a new way.  No match requirements.

A photo of two young men playing stringed instruments, violin (standing) and cello (sitting). They are light skinned with short brown hair and wear casual dress clothes.

Art Study Opportunity for Youth Grants

Provides up to $500 to allow young artists entering grades 5 – 12 to attend an enrichment camp or specialty study. Standard weekly lessons (such as piano or voice lessons) are allowed only for those students who qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program.  Arts supplies costs are allowed for students attending a MN public arts high school.  No match requirements.

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