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Southwest Minnesota Arts Council Grant Contract sample, Fiscal Sponsor Agreement, Cooperative Facilities Agreement, ADA Access Planning Guide, and more…

Sample SW MN Arts Council Grant Contract

View a sample of a SW MN Arts Council grant award contract:
SAMPLE Grant Contract



Fiscal Sponsor Agreement

If a formal organization is neither a nonprofit as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code with Articles of Incorporation on file with the State of Minnesota nor an official unit of a city, county, or state government, the organization may apply through a fiscal sponsor.

Use this example as a guide to set up an agreement with a fiscal sponsor:
SAMPLE Fiscal Sponsor Agreement



Cooperative Facilities Agreement

For Equipment & Facilities Improvement grants, if the facility is not owned by the applicant, you will need a signed Cooperative Agreement between the applicant and the facility owned that outlines how the arts organization will be assured access to the equipment.

Use this example as a guide to set up a an agreement with the owner of your organization’s building:
SAMPLE Cooperative Facilities Agreement



ADA Access Planning Guide

Passed by Congress in 1990, this act requires that “reasonable accommodation” be made in public accommodations for those with physical or mental disability.  Use the resources below to help you develop your ADA Access Plan.

SW MN Arts Council Accessibility Planning Guide
Federal ADA Website
Minnesota State Council on Disability
Minnesota State Arts Board
The Kennedy Center: VSA & Accessibility
VSA Minnesota
Excel Document of Metropolitan Regional Arts Council’s Arts Accessibility Planning Guide

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