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Access grant credit lines and logos, sample grant documents, and accessibility resources.

FY 2023 Grant Calendar


Grant Credit Lines & Logos

Find the grant credit line to be used for your marketing, along with corresponding logos and posters.
Credit Lines & Logos



Sample SW MN Arts Council Grant Contract

View a sample of a SW MN Arts Council grant award contract:
SAMPLE Grant Contract



Fiscal Sponsor Agreement

If a formal organization is neither a nonprofit as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code with Articles of Incorporation on file with the State of Minnesota nor an official unit of a city, county, or state government, the organization may apply through a fiscal sponsor.

Use this example as a guide to set up an agreement with a fiscal sponsor:
SAMPLE Fiscal Sponsor Agreement



Facility Cooperative Agreement

For Equipment & Facilities Improvement grants, if the facility is not owned by the applicant, you will need a signed Cooperative Agreement between the applicant and the facility owner that outlines how the arts organization will be assured access to the equipment or improvements.

Use this example as a guide to set up a an agreement with the owner of your organization’s building.
SAMPLE Facility Cooperative Agreement



Accessibility Resources

Online resources compiled to assist SMAC-eligible groups in becoming more accessible to participants of all abilities.
SMAC Access Resources


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